Retreat Chef

Cooking mindfully for your retreat or centre. 

I love cooking for retreats and I love working with the facilitators to write a menu that will support the feeling and movement of their retreat. If you are looking for a retreat chef and are passionate about the food being part of your experience, then I'd love to hear from you. 

Nourishing Families, no 1

Bringing food to your new family

Nourishing Families offers food deliveries for new mums and their families. We have packages that will cover your first few days with your new arrival, or you can choose to have weekly deliveries for up to four weeks. For more info on what we offer, click here

Nourishing Families, no 2

Helping families with food. 

There are times when someone in your family's diet may need more attention, and you may feel like you dont know what to do. My role is to help by giving ideas of what to cook, where to source ingredients or even facilitate cooking sessions. My aim is to help you find healthy foods that work for you and your family. 

Holistic Kitchen Academy

If you're interested in becoming a retreat chef or learning tools around intuitive cooking, then get involved with The Holistic Kitchen Academy. 

The Holistic Kitchen Academy is a collective of women that I am utterly honoured to be part of. Our mission...To give people the resources to feed themselves well.

We believe this is possible through education. There is so much confusing information out there and through our retreats and projects we hope to make it all simpler and more accessible for people. We have a calendar of events going on throughout the year and you can find out all about it here...

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