My Story 

I love tea and I love food.


They bring comfort and ceremony. Ritual and routine. 


I am interested in tradition, how culture and family create their own and how their children carry them on for generations. There's a nostalgic part of me that wants to hold on to the past, to the old things that now float around  vintage markets. To not accept that these days everything is new and not built to last. And in there there is a desire for community, for tradition and routine.  Through food and cooking, my intention is to make connections, share knowledge and build community. 

Things that have influenced my relationship with food have been family, illness, travel, love, friends motherhood and work. Although I've trained in other interests, Ive always found myself back in the kitchen and I absolutely love the continual, never ending journey we each have with food. 

The food I am passionate about cooking, is mostly plant based food. But what is of primary importance to me is fresh seasonal abundant ingredients and making sure it suits the person/people who are going to be eating it! I love to feed people, and wish for them to feel thought about and cared for so they can relax and fully enjoy their food. 

So,  lets drink tea, talk food and figure out how best to feed ourselves in this moment...

retreat chef Brighton and Hove UK