Nourishing Families is about community.

Our aim is to make women and their families feel supported before and after the arrival of a baby. 


We do this by delivering boxes of luscious, nutritious food to your doorstep. 

Food is always welcome, needed and such a gift. 


Scroll down to see the packages we offer...


Nourishing food delivered to your door

All of my food is vegetarian, organic and sourced from local producers when possible.

I can easily cater for vegans and those eating a Gluten Free diet (GF).  When making sweet treats, I only use natural/alternative sugars and  I also offer  the option of bone broth if you wish to have it.

My reasons for offering broth and not meat is to keep a small footprint on our planet. Using left over produce, you can still receive the benefits that bone broth offers if you feel you need this at the time. 

I cook everything with nutrition and the woman in mind. 




Feeling like you need some support during your pregnancy, or do you have a friend who you'd like to show some love to right now? If so, then this package is perfect for you. Designed to make sure that pregnant mumma has easy access to scrumptious and healthy foods to help see her through whatever stage of pregnancy. You will receive:

-1 x nutritious sweet treat

1 x seasonal soup

1 x smoothie

1 x jar of ghee, nut butter or chia jam

1 x dinner dish 

All portions will feed two adults. 



New Arrival

These goody filled boxes  are designed to take the pressure off for the first few days with your new arrival. They feed 2 adults per meal. They are warming, blood building and nourishing foods that helps heal and support a woman's body after birth. 

Light Nutrition Package -

1 Seasonal soup  - beetroot and cumin

 1 Dinner dish  - Biryani  

1 Savoury snack - roast carrot dip

1 Sweet snack .- tahini and molasses biscuit

1 Infused plant milk

1 Jar Broth/linseed tea x 1

 Full hamper package  -

2 Porridge/bircher pot 

2 seasonal soup -  Spiced parsnip, green goddess.  

3 Dinner dish - Speltoto with greens and  goats cheese, Kerelan curry, Veggie filled lasagne. 

2 savoury snack- flax seed crackers, fava bean dip

1 Sweet snack- Nourishing Families flapjack. 

1 Infused plant milk

1 jar broth or linseed tea 

(Prices starting from £55 )

Following weeks

This bundle is a larger version of the one above. You can order it any time, whether you are a day, week, month or six into postpartum. The food is again designed to be blood building, warming, full of nutrients, easy to digest, easy to prepare and enough for both mother and partner.  Here are some examples: 


Light Nutrition package  -

2 Porridge/bircher pot

2 Seasonal soup - Beetroot and cumin,  green goddess. 

2 dinner dish - North indian dahl, Squash and Olive stew.  

1 Savoury snack - Super seeded crackers

1 Sweet snack - Devine GF chocolate brownies

1 Infused plant milk or broth  

Full hamper package -

3 Porridge/ bircher pot

2 Pancakes and toppings - Buckwheat with spiced baked pears and  cashew butter.

2 Seasonal soup - carrot, cumin and coconut, 

5 Dinner dish -  Wild mushroom stew, Veggie filled lasagne, tomato and coconut curry with squash and spinach. 

2 Savoury snack - baked beetroot hummus. 

2 Sweet snack - chocolate shortbread biscuits. 

2 jars of broth/linseed tea

1 Infused plant milk 

(Prices starting from £75)

Feeding snack box 

An array of snacks so that you have easy reach to something during or after long feeding sessions. You will receive six items that will look something like this:

- Gf chocolate brownies

- hemp protein granola bars

- linseed oatcakes

- white bean hummus

- organic cheese scones

- energy boosting smoothie

This is a perfect gift for new mumma who needs to grab easy, mood boosting, delicious and healthy snacks. 



Six months up - team no sleep! 

This is for those months when the sleep deprivation continues, bubba starts eating and kitchen life can start to feel chaotic. Sometimes, it's such a relief to know that a midweek meal is already prepared, cooked by someone else, or that theres a nutritious snack in the fridge that is easy to grab. 

1 Dinner dish

1 Lunch time soup

2 Savoury snacks

1Nutritious sweet snack

1 Smoothie


Store cupboard and fridge essentials

This package gives you those essentials that you want to eat but haven't got time to make. Mindfully homemade, nutrient dense foods that help you to feed you and your family really well. We always throw a treat in there too! 

1 nut butter or chia jam

1 jar of organic ghee

1 bottle of nut milk

1 jar broth


For you...

Our boxes filled with delicious food can be delivered within Brighton and its surrounding areas. They are designed to feed two adults.

Please do let us know if there’s anyone else in your family and we’ll add in extra for them. (this will be at an added cost that we can discuss with you.)


Please note that all pulses and grains will be soaked and cooked with seaweed to enable digestion and increase nutritional content.

 When we chat about your booking,  we can arrange a delivery time that suits you. 

 To place your order, just get in touch. 

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